GIFs. Could they be right for your business?

The world of photography is constantly evolving. So is the transition between photography and video, largely thanks to the ability of SLR camera to record superb quality video. Time-lapse photography is one example of this, a few years back they were relatively difficult to produce and high quality time-lapses were largely the reserve of big budget films. Now, many individual photographers are producing outstanding time-lapses of difficult subject matter while moving the camera on things like motorised sliders. If you’ve not seen any of these impressive time-lapses then check this great example out. We’ve recently been experimenting at producing animated GIFs to supplement our photographic output. These have a variety of uses and are a lot easier to display on website/social media due to their much smaller file size than video.

Most moving subjects will be able to be rendered in GIF form. A chef with flaming pan, drinks being poured, disco lights flashing and a flickering fire all make for great subject matter. If you’re in any doubt we’ll be able to advise on their potential effectiveness.

We recently shot this one from Queens Staith looking across the Ouse.


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Photography for Green Howards Museum Renovation

In the centre of Richmond you can find the little military museum for the Green Howards infantry regiment of the British Army. Having just undergone a major refurbishment over the past year it is now once again open for business. We were asked by the builders to pop along and take some images of their handiwork. The building used to be a church and as historic builders William Anelay were well placed to apply their knowledge of period renovation to create a sympathetic yet practical renovation.

We were tasked with creating a set of photographs that demonstrated the range of works, from the installation of flooring, lighting and cabinetry, to stairs and masonry work. Only the stairwell and the meeting room contained any natural light and we had to carefully control exposure with filters and blending in post-production to ensure that detail was retained from the black beamed ceilings to the spot lit exhibits. Museum renovation photography requires careful consideration to be given to compositions. The exhibition spaces are usually set up to provide information on an exhibit by exhibit level and it can often be difficult to portray in a wider setting. With careful consideration to focal length, height and

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newbuild, derwenthorpe housing development York

Eco House Builder Photography | Derwenthorpe, York

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has recently been involved in building a large number of new houses on the outskirts of York. I often drive by them and admire their form as I do. For these aren’t your standard ‘noddy house’. They have been built to custom designs, all are heated by a community heating system (a large biomass boiler based in the scheme’s community centre) and many have winter gardens, allowing them to grow plants and vegetables all year round, directly off their living accommodation.
Walking around the finished part of the development it’s easy to see that these homes make an interesting place to live. Full height windows, high ceilings, wide sweeping tree lined roads all give

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What to buy an architectural photographer for Christmas


Right. It’s December. So Christmas is now a word that is acceptable to use. That being so, I’m getting my Christmas list written up and sent over to Father Christmas ASAP.

I am quite lucky as I have already done most of my Christmas shopping this year. I try to spread my Christmas shopping throughout the last months of the year as I find that this helps me to save money.

Plus, it also gives me plenty of time to collect coupons and promo codes. Honestly, there is no better feeling than securing yourself a discount.

Moreover, I even managed to purchase myself some new camera equipment at a bargain price thanks to a coupon code for Target that I found on the Raise website. Needless to say, if you are looking to land a bargain this year, I would strongly recommend looking around for any discount codes!

So, what do you get an architectural photographer for Christmas?

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