Before & After – The Importance of Good Lighting in Interiors Photography

When it comes to photographing property; it’s less about location, location, location and more about light, light, light. Ambient light, artificial light and (this is where we come in), flash light. Good lighting in interiors photography is crucial. Hopefully the home you are photographing will already have a great lighting scheme, with things like barn lights which have good output, but you need to prepared in case the opposite is true. Something else that could be beneficial when photographing property is a 360-degree camera. It’ll get all angles instead of just one which is much easier than taking multiple different photos for one room. However, before you invest, read this list on Chouprojects on the best 360 cameras to ensure you get a good quality one. As we walk around the world, most things appear to be pretty well lit. The human eye and brain have a pretty amazing ability to record detail in the brightest and the darkest places at the same time. Cameras unfortunately are far more limited. Even the presence of artificial lamp light leaves horrible colour casts over a scene when rendered on camera. Something the human eye would adjust for and correct without us even noticing. There are a few ways to combat this shortcoming and one of the best is to

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