GIFs. Could they be right for your business?

The world of photography is constantly evolving. So is the transition between photography and video, largely thanks to the ability of SLR camera to record superb quality video. Time-lapse photography is one example of this, a few years back they were relatively difficult to produce and high quality time-lapses were largely the reserve of big budget films. Now, many individual photographers are producing outstanding time-lapses of difficult subject matter while moving the camera on things like motorised sliders. If you’ve not seen any of these impressive time-lapses then check this great example out. We’ve recently been experimenting at producing animated GIFs to supplement our photographic output. These have a variety of uses and are a lot easier to display on website/social media due to their much smaller file size than video.

Most moving subjects will be able to be rendered in GIF form. A chef with flaming pan, drinks being poured, disco lights flashing and a flickering fire all make for great subject matter. If you’re in any doubt we’ll be able to advise on their potential effectiveness.

We recently shot this one from Queens Staith looking across the Ouse.


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