In Photographs | A renovated York Hotel Interior

Hotels encompass almost the complete package when it comes to property photography. Bedrooms, bathrooms, lobbies, restaurants, bars and exteriors all need to captured. All this usually on top of working around guests and staff. It’s important to portray the personality of the hotel at the same time as creating photographs that jump out at prospective guests when they are trudging through the hundreds of images of various hotels when looking for a place to stay. As York Hotel Photographers we are experienced in bringing out the best your hotel has to offer. We know the bits to focus on that will come across best to potential guests and the experience to ensure they are captured beautifully in your photographs.

On this shoot we were photographing for the builder that had completed the works who were looking to demonstrate their ability to tackle a range of interiors. They were less interested in close-ups of food and chocolates on the bed favouring shots that demonstrated the spaces and their features. We were still able to inject some personality into our photographs by the use of models. Human interaction is a great tool for interior photography as it allows the viewer to imagine themselves in the setting. It also provides a sense of scale and movement.

Here’s a selection of what we took. If you fancy a visit yourself then why not have a look at The Judges Lodgings Website? You can find a larger set in our Recent Projects.hotel reception desk interior lounge interior hotel stairs table breakfast restaurant outside gastro pub hotel hotel room door bedroom hotel hotel bedroom traditional intimate bar