Photography for Green Howards Museum Renovation

In the centre of Richmond you can find the little military museum for the Green Howards infantry regiment of the British Army. Having just undergone a major refurbishment over the past year it is now once again open for business. We were asked by the builders to pop along and take some images of their handiwork. The building used to be a church and as historic builders William Anelay were well placed to apply their knowledge of period renovation to create a sympathetic yet practical renovation.

We were tasked with creating a set of photographs that demonstrated the range of works, from the installation of flooring, lighting and cabinetry, to stairs and masonry work. Only the stairwell and the meeting room contained any natural light and we had to carefully control exposure with filters and blending in post-production to ensure that detail was retained from the black beamed ceilings to the spot lit exhibits. Museum renovation photography requires careful consideration to be given to compositions. The exhibition spaces are usually set up to provide information on an exhibit by exhibit level and it can often be difficult to portray in a wider setting. With careful consideration to focal length, height and subject placement we have managed to explain the spaces and make them look great at the same time.

We were also able to control reflections with filters, allowing exhibits and glasswork to work as well in the photographs as they do in real life. It can still surprise even experienced photographers how pointing a camera at a scene can completely change the feel of a space. Things that the human brain ignores without thinking can instantly pop to the front of the image creating a distracting and unsuccessful image. Knowing how to deal with these issues, when to avoid them and when to use them to your advantage plays a pivotal roll in the success of your images.