Bootham Hotel Yorkshire

Commercial / Interiors / Leisure

Client: Hedley House Hotel

The owners of this hotel had recently refurbished many of the communal areas. Their existing photography was beginning to look slightly dated and they wished for new interior and exterior photography for their revamped website and 3rd party booking operators. We were tasked with showcasing these new spaces in a way that demonstrated the quality of the refurbishment and the relaxed atmosphere of the hotel.

The shoot began with the exterior of the hotel where we were able to use our specialist architectural lens to get the tall buildings in shot without any distracting distortion. We spent some time in the spa room of the hotel where we were fortunate enough to have the use of a willing model to add some human interest. We also took some close up detail shots in here to help set the mood and get potential guests imaginations in gear. Hotel photograph isn’t all about showing the bigger picture. It’s very much about enticing potential guests to want to see more by booking in to stay. This is a very carefully balanced act however. If you show too little they lack the confidence needed to part with their cash and book in to stay. Too much and you loose the intrigue.