Architect New Build

This architect designed new build was situated in a fantastic elevated plot overlooking Scarborough. Featuring large expanses of glass, high ceilings and lots of white plaster, the feeling of space and light was quite something to experience. Unfortunately the owners of the home were moving away from the area and we were commissioned to photograph the property for the estate agents.

York Minster Piazza

Client: William Anelay Ltd

This shared space was created to provide accessible access to York Minster itself. The area was underused as a space previously with nowhere to sit and raised pavements proving as trip hazards to tourists distracted by the Minsters’ architecture. Our client was responsible for all aspects of the work and were keen to show how the space has been improved and now served as a focal point for visitors, providing a practical, functional and beautiful area for visitors and locals to enjoy equally.


Wentworth Conservatory


Client: Buttress Architects

Having fallen into disrepair this Victorian glasshouse required a full program of refurbishment work including the rebuilding of metal work and replacement of all the glass work. There was also a new extension to be tied into the existing structure and accessible landscaped areas to be created. We were able to demonstrate the range of work carried out through our photography which also led to a front cover on an industry magazine providing our client with free, high profile exposure that would not have otherwise been attainable.

Sheffield Cathedral

Client: William Anelay Ltd

This was the type of renovation project for which our client is known. They oversaw the digging up and relaying of the floor, the construction of the bench pews and the building of an atrium to link in the new visitors entrance. The cathedral was open to the public at the time of our visit andsome of the building work was still being snagged. Careful not to interfere with the running of the cathedral, we were able to photograph discreetly to ensure minimal disruption to staff and visitors while also making use of members of the public to inject some human interest into the scenes. People, and how they use a space, are usually critical to a buildings success and features like the wheel chair ramps are more prominent when humans are interacting with them.

The Undercroft

Client: The Workhaus

Our client was responsible for the installation and design of the ribbon signage and multimedia displays and lighting. They were keen to have a contextual overview of their work to demonstrate how it worked in its environment. Lighting plays a key role on their work and we ensured that the finished pictures demonstrated accurately the experience of real life visitors. This proved particularly challenging in some places where strong spotlights overpowered objects in camera which is much more restricted than the human eye in rendering contrasty scenes. We were able to overcome theses shortcoming by carefully blending multiple exposures in photoshop to give a truer sense  of the lighting than could otherwise be captured. The spaces here have been designed to give a sense of flow with more prominent objects disrupting the flow to demonstrate their importance.


Dunham Massey

Client: William Anelay Ltd

Working on the historic site of Dunham Massey owned and run by the National Trust, our client was commissioned to construct this brand new building to serve as a visitor centre. Normally specialising in repair work to historic buildings they were keen for the photographs to demonstrate their ability to combine traditional skills with contemporary construction methods when creating a modern piece of architecture. The landscaping had not yet been completed which restricted the exterior shots we were able to capture at this stage. The large spaces on offer here, required to accommodate the vast number of visitors expected on a daily basis meant it was vital to pay extra attention to composition and focal length to prevent the spaces from looking lost and empty.