Kitchen Showroom

Studio 35 is a high-end kitchen showroom in York.  We worked closely with the client to produce a set of images that could be used to promote the business and encourage customers to the showroom as well as showcase their work.  The showroom is limited in natural light so we worked hard to make the images as natural as possible and processed to represent colours and finishes as accurately as possible.


Hare & Wilde

A lovely Home & Interiors shop in Malton, Hare & Wilde urgently needed a set of photograph to use in an editorial in a magazine. We were able to get the shoot done and the images sent over in time to meet the magazines deadline and give the owners a set of images to use across various platforms.

Kitchen Maker

Client: JCJ Design

As a maker of handmade furniture and external joinery this client needed a number of shots of a recently installed kitchen for use in marketing material.

Destination Stations

A joint commission from the designers, contractors, the museum and lighting designers of this temporary exhibition in the National Railway Museum in York, this exhibition combined a variety of artefacts about station design and its role over the years.

We were tasked with creating a variety of images, suitable for use across a wide range of media that captured the different aspects of the exhibition. No supplementary lighting was used as the existing lighting was an important part of the installation.

Green Howards Museum

Contractor: William Anelay

This three storey museum located in the pretty town of Richmond in North Yorkshire, is dedicated to the Green Howards Regiment. Originally a church the building had been adapted to house the museum. 2014 saw a major refurbishment of the building to improve accessibility, quality of display and the visitor experience. We were commissioned to showcase the work of the main contractor in a contextual setting. Lighting was predominantly artificial throughout with some rooms such as the meeting room and staircase containing a mix of artificial and ambient light. We were able to carefully balance exposures through a mixture of added light, filters and exposure blending. This ensured the resulting images effectively captured the enormous dynamic range on offer to accurately portray the atmosphere of the space.

York Minster Piazza

Client: William Anelay Ltd

This shared space was created to provide accessible access to York Minster itself. The area was underused as a space previously with nowhere to sit and raised pavements proving as trip hazards to tourists distracted by the Minsters’ architecture. Our client was responsible for all aspects of the work and were keen to show how the space has been improved and now served as a focal point for visitors, providing a practical, functional and beautiful area for visitors and locals to enjoy equally.


Wentworth Conservatory


Client: Buttress Architects

Having fallen into disrepair this Victorian glasshouse required a full program of refurbishment work including the rebuilding of metal work and replacement of all the glass work. There was also a new extension to be tied into the existing structure and accessible landscaped areas to be created. We were able to demonstrate the range of work carried out through our photography which also led to a front cover on an industry magazine providing our client with free, high profile exposure that would not have otherwise been attainable.

Bootham Hotel Yorkshire

Client: Hedley House Hotel

The owners of this hotel had recently refurbished many of the communal areas. Their existing photography was beginning to look slightly dated and they wished for new interior and exterior photography for their revamped website and 3rd party booking operators. We were tasked with showcasing these new spaces in a way that demonstrated the quality of the refurbishment and the relaxed atmosphere of the hotel.

The shoot began with the exterior of the hotel where we were able to use our specialist architectural lens to get the tall buildings in shot without any distracting distortion. We spent some time in the spa room of the hotel where we were fortunate enough to have the use of a willing model to add some human interest. We also took some close up detail shots in here to help set the mood and get potential guests imaginations in gear. Hotel photograph isn’t all about showing the bigger picture. It’s very much about enticing potential guests to want to see more by booking in to stay. This is a very carefully balanced act however. If you show too little they lack the confidence needed to part with their cash and book in to stay. Too much and you loose the intrigue.

Sheffield Cathedral

Client: William Anelay Ltd

This was the type of renovation project for which our client is known. They oversaw the digging up and relaying of the floor, the construction of the bench pews and the building of an atrium to link in the new visitors entrance. The cathedral was open to the public at the time of our visit andsome of the building work was still being snagged. Careful not to interfere with the running of the cathedral, we were able to photograph discreetly to ensure minimal disruption to staff and visitors while also making use of members of the public to inject some human interest into the scenes. People, and how they use a space, are usually critical to a buildings success and features like the wheel chair ramps are more prominent when humans are interacting with them.