Waterside House Holiday Home – The Professional Touch


Another week, another holiday home to photograph. This time a large, new house outside York with fantastic grounds and spectacular views. It was listed with photographs the owner had taken himself and this gives me the opportunity to demonstrate what it is that a good interior photographer will do for your property. The owner had contacted us after receiving a number of comments that the photographs did not do the property justice and was concerned that he may be missing out on bookings because of that.

Showing views and room interiors in a single photographs is one of the most challenging aspects of property photography. Outside is almost always significantly brighter than inside and while the human eye and brain have a remarkable ability to overcome this brightness differential, sadly, a camera does not find it so easy. There are a number of ways to overcome this, shooting at dusk and turning on lights and lamps is one way, although this can make outside views rather flat and colourless. The period of time this crossover lighting occurs is also very short lived and usually restricts you to shooting just one room. Combining exposures/HDR is another method but this relies on the light in the room being very flattering to start with and this is often not the case. Usually, lighting rooms will give the best result and I used lights extensively when shooting this property.

Getting the right mix of photographs is crucial to getting the bookings in. You need to demonstrate what a great time guests could have while staying here while making sure you show them that the accommodation suits their needs.

Waterside House has a beautiful remote setting and I was keen to show this in the new photographs because it was hard to tell from the existing shots whether it was attached to another property or not. Internally particular attention was paid to linking spaces so that guests could see the home’s potential to cater for large groups and also to demonstrate the high quality finishes and bespoke pieces of handcrafted furniture.

[before-after]After (2a) After (2)
[before-after]After (3a) After (3)
[before-after]After (4a) After (4)
[before-after]After (5a) After (5)
[before-after]After (6a) After (6)
[before-after]After (7a) After (7)
[before-after]After (8a) After (8)
[before-after]After (10a) After (10)
[before-after]After (12a) After (12)
[before-after]After (13a) After (13)
[before-after]After (14a) After (14)

There’s quite a few more images on the owners website: http://watersidehouseyork.co.uk/

This shoot took us half a day, and can be fitted inbetween viewing while the cleaners are doing change over. Get in touch with us and lets chat about making your holiday let look its very best.