What to buy an architectural photographer for Christmas


Right. It’s December. So Christmas is now a word that is acceptable to use. That being so, I’m getting my Christmas list written up and sent over to Father Christmas ASAP.

I am quite lucky as I have already done most of my Christmas shopping this year. I try to spread my Christmas shopping throughout the last months of the year as I find that this helps me to save money.

Plus, it also gives me plenty of time to collect coupons and promo codes. Honestly, there is no better feeling than securing yourself a discount.

Moreover, I even managed to purchase myself some new camera equipment at a bargain price thanks to a coupon code for Target that I found on the Raise website. Needless to say, if you are looking to land a bargain this year, I would strongly recommend looking around for any discount codes!

So, what do you get an architectural photographer for Christmas?

Top of the list has got to be a helicopter and pilot. (Not once did I say this list was going to be realistic.) With a helicopter and pilot at your disposal not only can you get from location to location without the hassle of traffic and parking but you can get the opportunity to shoot some amazing stuff at the same time. Forget the step ladders or cherry pickers you can shoot from any elevation you require. Sorted.

A week’s stay in an architecturally exciting holiday home.

Something like The Shingle House in Dungeness would do it. I can kick back and relax and if I get bored then I have a willing subject to photograph. I don’t get busman’s holiday syndrome, I spend my life surrounded by amazing architecture but I don’t often get the chance to just relax and enjoy it.

A few nights in Dubai.

It might be a bit clichéd but Dubai is an architectural photographer’s playground. Of course I’d love a few days to just be alone with my camera and photograph some of the most exciting (and tallest) architecture around. The cherry on top would be pre-arranged access to some balconies for the best vantage points. Fussy? Never.

Guaranteed good weather days. Do you know what would be really handy? A few days throughout the year where I knew the weather was going to be sunny. I don’t mind when they are but to be able to have the guarantee would just make life for the year sooo much easier.

Book: A World History of Architecture

You can never know enough about architecture and this book looks to give a good grounding in all the major era’s and aesthetics.

Book: Balthazar Korab: Architect of Photography

A book containing the work of one of the greatest architectural photographers from one of my favourite periods, the mid 20th Century – What is not to like?